CDETB Advocate

Our CDETB Advocate works one to one with trainees, researching employment opportunities and supports trainees availing of further training and employment progression.

He also brings Learners on day-trips to open days at recruitment fairs and colleges.

CTC Literacy

One of the biggest challenges identified in recent years is the low level of literacy and numeracy (reading, writing and numbers) that youths are presenting with.

In response to this, we have secured a literacy support worker to help young people overcome these barriers. We believe every young person should have these life skills.

Two women sitting on swings while talking

Mental Health Supports

We have counselling and psychological supports available to all our Learners undertaking our courses. These are invaluable supports and enable young people to address some of the issues and challenges they face which in turn gives them the best chance of finishing their training courses with us. These supports are funded by the CDETB.

The CTC also adopts a supportive ‘Restorative Practice’ approach by all staff members for our Learners as part of the Training Centre ethos.

Financial Supports

Learners who are under the age of 18 attending the Community Training Centre are entitled to a training allowance of €45.00 per week.

Learners who are 18 or over attending the Community Training Centreare entitled to a training allowance of up to €208 per week.

Some Learners in the past have been able to secure grants towards returning to education / training from their local ETB office or local Partnership office.

We are passionate about our work and care deeply about making a positive impact in the community.