The BHS Working Student Programme provides structured BHS Pathways training and supports to students on their training journey to achieve BHS qualifications. The programme’s combination of structured and practical training has a high success rate, with past students achieving BHS qualifications to secure employment in coaching and groom roles.

Delivered and co-ordinated by a full time BHS Accredited Professional Coach, the programme requires a commitment of twenty hours per week from each student. Ten hours of structured riding and stable management lessons are delivered five days per week. An additional ten hours of practical work experience training are delivered at agreed times to meet the needs of the yard.

Criteria to apply for the BHS Working Student Programme:

  • Capable of riding independently and balanced in walk, trot and canter.
  • Capable of jumping a small fence.
  • Available to attend training at the allocated times.
  • A willingness to commit and contribute to the programme.
  • Willing to undergo Garda Vetting before commencing training.
  • Participants must be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • Willing to attend training deemed necessary by the centre & implement learning from this training while on the yard.

As a BHS approved centre, with a full time BHS Accredited professional coach, we can provide a range of training options for those wishing to pursue BHS Pathway Assessments.

Private BHS Pathway lessons

Delivered by a BHS Accredited Professional Coach, these one to one sessions allow you to focus and improve areas you need help with to confidently undertake assessments. The BHS Accredited Professional Coach will assess your skills and tailor a training plan to your needs, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

Group BHS Pathway lessons

Delivered by a BHS Accredited Professional Coach, we provide weekly BHS Stage 1 & BHS Stage 2 group lessons. These group lessons cover both the care and riding and coaching syllabus of the BHS Pathways and aim to prepare clients to undertake assessments


BHS Skills record sign off. 

Prior to undertaking BHS Pathways assessments, candidates are required to have their skills record assessed and signed off by a BHS Accredited Professional Coach. If you have undertaken training with us or elsewhere and wish to be signed off, our BHS Accredited Coach can assess your skills record in preparation for sign off.

The Leader Programme is designed to support young people between the age of 12 and 18 years who have an interest in equines. The programme offers the opportunity for young people to come together and learn about equine care and welfare, while developing friendships, leadership skills and learning about teamwork.

The programme aims to provide a positive and safe place to learn. Members work towards achieving the BHS Riding School Helper’s Certificate if they wish. Educational day trips to offsite locations are conducted throughout the year.

The programme runs outside of school hours from Monday – Friday from 4pm – 8pm and Saturday from 9am – 4.30pm.

What our participants are saying

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“My daughter is a working student with Cherry Orchard. Her heart is set on working with horses in the future. Her experience at Cherry Orchard has been beyond positive.”



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