Front of the Blue door family support building

Find us at 83 Cherry Orchard Crescent

What is Blue Door?

Blue Door works with persons aged 18 years and over in the Dublin 10 area, particularly those who experience or engage in harmful behaviour. Blue Door currently has one full-time community development worker, two part-time community support workers and additional support staff from the Tús work placement programme and Community Employment.

The team provide crisis intervention supports; keyworking; advice and support dealing with a multitude of housing/justice/legal/addiction/family issues; a counselling service; education and training initiatives; group work; supporting the establishment of new community groups; advocacy with statutory agencies as well as coordinating a community response to harmful and intimidating behaviour.

Demand for our services far exceed our capacity and resources and we are working hard to secure additional funding to meet the growing needs within the Dublin 10 area.
Blue Door has been operating in Cherry Orchard since 1999. It was formerly called Ballyfermot Social Intervention Initiative (BSII) and operated as an independent organisation until the end of 2021.

CODY Family Support

Provided through our Youth Diversion Project and based alongside the CODY team in the Equine Centre a family support worker will provide support to families of youths in our youth diversion project.

Family life is not always easy, we’re here to help!

How This Service Works

The family support worker will provide support to families of youths engaged in our youth diversion project. These youths are often engaged in some of our other services on site also including the Youth Service, our Equestrian Centre or the Community Training Centre.
The rationale for having a family support resource working alongside our Youth Diversion Project is to improve the long term outcomes for youths that we work with and in turn, their families also. Working with young people in isolation away from their home setting is less effective than working with the whole family unit together.
Our CODY youth diversion project has recently secured resources to put in place a family support worker to improve the impact we make with the families we work with. This position is funded by the Department of Justice through our Youth Diversion Project.