Jordan Cummins


I left school at the age of 16 I went to a training centre for early school leavers Cherry Orchard Community Training Centre. I was studying my Fetac levels there and the extra subject was horse riding and stable care.

I passed all exams there and my two horse riding instructors said I’d be a good candidate for RACE so they applied for me. I went on the weeks trial, having never sat on a racehorse before, was a shock to me if I’m honest. I got accepted into the program. I completed the 10 month course in RACE & my work placement was with Michael Grassick Jr where I learned a lot from RACE and Michael and the staff there were very good to me and had a lot of time for me.

After I worked in England for a year and a bit with a great trainer Karl Burke. I learned a lot from Karl, his family and all the staff. I then took the amateur license out and have had a few rides for Karl and some outside rides too and then after a year I have come to Dubai to ride out for John Hyde, who pre trains and starts braking in young horses for Sheik Hamdam al Maktoum

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